New: White Rabbits - "Temporary"

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Brooklyn-via-Midwest crew White Rabbits announced their upcoming third record Milk Famous along with first single “Heavy Metal” a few weeks ago, and now they’re giving us all another taste with new teaser “Temporary.” Where “Heavy Metal” sounded even more minimalistically Spoon-y than anything on the band’s previous, actual Britt Daniel-produced record It’s Frightening, “Temporary” is a little different in the best way, a fantastic foray into delightfully busy, dizzyingly crosscutting territory.

From a grooving bassline to plenty of knife-sharp, heavily distorted guitar riffs to frontman Steve Patterson’s customary injured croon to a handful of amazing moments when the band’s two (yes, two) drummers pound their way out of the shadows – there’s always something to absolutely captivate your attention. Milk Famous is out March 6.