Willis Earl Beal - "Evening's Kiss"

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XL’s latest signee is the golden-voiced Chicago acoustic psych/folk musician Willis Earl Beale, who racked up lots of attention in his hometown with his hyper-accessible personality, not to mention his music. On an early show advertisement Willis posted his address and phone number, inviting fans to write to him or call him in exchange for a drawing or a personalized song. The music he’s recorded for Acousmatic Sorcery, the record XL will put out via their new imprint Hot Charity on March 20th, is no less personal and confessional – “Evening’s Kiss” sounds like he’s taped the intercom button outside your apartment building down and serenaded you, just you, personally, with an indie-blues jam that roundaboutly narrates the story of your awkward friendship. It’s equal parts creepy, sweet, and hypnotic.

WILLIAM EARL BEAL – "Evening's Kiss"