Wolf Gang - "Pyramid Song" (Radiohead Cover)


Wolf Gang is another London based indie rock outfit that's been gaining a lot of buzz these days, specifically here on PMA, for recent singles “Dancing With The Devil” and “Lions In Cages” from their forthcoming debut, Suego Fualts. Perhaps as a homage to Radiohead's most recent, most talked about album online, The King Of Limbs, the band fronted by singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Max McElligott have just released their interpretation of “Pyramid Song,” from Radiohead's Amnesiac.

The tune very much remains a piano ballad, unlike the original which builds gradually to see percussion and strings (as always a riveting arrangement from Jonny Greenwood), housing some truly phenomenal, heavily reverberated vocals from McElligott. You wouldn't expect them to cover a song like this from what we've heard of from the lively band thus far; definitely builds their cred. Suego Fualts drops March 21st.