YG ft. Drake - "Who Do You Love?"

"I'd pinky swear, but my pinky ring's too big."

We've already kind of heard this song - Drake was apparently so psyched on it he wanted to drop it as soon as they were done, but YG chose to wait; there were some questionable leaks, etc. - but now it's here in full glory, YG and Drake'sDJ Mustard-produced "Who Do You Love?" Not a Bo Diddley cover (though can you imagine!) but still pretty great - YG's braggadocio knows no bounds ("my Bank of America account's got six figures" is like, the second lyric), that chorus, a plain and simple "bitch, who do you love?" is destined to caption all your friends' hot selfies on Instagram until the end of time, and Drake's "I'd pinky swear, but my pinky ring's too big" is an instant classic. Check it out - YG's excellently-titled My Krazy Life is out March 18.