You Oughtta Know: Fanfarlo



As I Guess I'm Floating says, you've heard this a million times: "there's this new great band with the perfect mixture of Arcade Fire, Beirut, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!" And also a million times, you've been disappointed that this band doesn't live up to the hype.

While Fanfarlo's stuff does not yet match the emotional power of Arcade Fire's or Beirut's, it comes MUCH closer than all of the other wannabe anthemic, orchestral songs we hear all the time. This is because THESE Arcade Fire similarities aren't forced, but true to the band's music. It's epic, fantastic instrumentals, with a Zach Condon-esque voice at the top to bring it all together.

The London-based band has just released their first full-length, Reservoir, and it is excellent. Filled with building bridges and anthemic moments, it's just the right medicine for what could possibly be an Arcade Fire-less 2009. Check out two of the band's best songs, "I'm A Pilot" and "Fire Escape," below. Thanks to Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good (an awesome blog) for introducing me to the band. They think that "I'm A Pilot" has a "Crown Of Love" feel, but I get more of a "Well And The Lighthouse" vibe- the song kind of flows along like slowed-down part that goes "Resurrected, living in a lighthouse." Listen below. What do you guys think of Fanfarlo?

Fanfarlo- Fire Escape

Fanfarlo- I'm A Pilot