Young Jeezy x Jay-Z x Andre 3000 - "I Do"

ANDRE 3000

Here is a Friday gem for you. Young Jeezy's long awaited, almost mythical collaboration with Jay-Z and Andre 3000 was just unearthed by Funkmaster Flex. The song isn't as earth-shattering as the hype might lead you to believe, but it's holds its own among the songs that sound like UGK and Outkast's immortal "Int'l Players Anthem".

If Young Jeezy has never been one of your favorite rapper, "I Do" won't Do much to change that, but give him credit for not spitting the least interesting verse in the song. That award goes to Jay-Z, who sounds as bored as Andre 3000 on a Ke$ha song. Here is the reason why you have to love "I Do" – not only is Three Stacks acting not entirely aloof, he is having a lot of fun. You can almost hear him smile has he deftly delivers his sing-song verses. Hands down best Andre 3000 verse of 2011.

Young Jeezy - "I Do" f/ Jay-Z, Andre 3000