New Zola Jesus - "Seekir"


Hot on the heels of a breakout performance on M83's excellent new album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, Zola Jesus shares "Seekir", the second promo single from her upcoming Conatus album. 

Several weeks ago, the voice, Nika Danilova, gave away Conatus' first single "Vessel". When we first heard "Vessel", we noticed that there was a groove to Danilova's voice, a head bob-worthy beat at the core of the nu-goth dissonance that brought comparisons to The Knife and Fever Ray. We suspect the comparisons won't end there; "Seekir" is even more ambitious than "Vessel" in terms of production value and scope.

Both new tracks are sounding more and more like Danilova's other (and in many ways, better) music project Nika + Rory. Though they do not quite reach the celestial highs of songs like "I'm Not Going Anywhere" and "LA SUXX". Unfortunately, we haven't heard anything about Danilova working on a Nika + Rory full length. Just Zola Jesus for now, which isn't a terrible thing. "Seekir" is avilable on iTunes. Conatus is out October 4th.

Zola Jesus - "Seekir"