2 Chainz f. Pharrell - "Feds Watching"

2 chainz feds watching

It really seems like Pharrell's guesting on every great pop single in 2013, and here's another - "Feds Watching," an NSA tribute jam (okay, that's not a definite, but we're going to think of it like that) from 2 Chainz that the guys purportedly made together in a few hours post-Grammys whilst still in their suits. It's packed with lyrical braggadocio and grandeur along the lines of "It's a Category 5 when I walk up in the strip club" and "I just got some pants made out of snakeskin," not to mention the frankly inspirational chorus, "Imma be fresh as hell if the feds watchin." We suggest you pull a 2 Chainz and start inviting your friends via very elaborate text and email to the kind of party he and Pharrell hold court at in the track's video - use the word "occupy" in there somehow so the NSA definitely see it (ie. a bunch of sexy girls are going to occupy the courtyard of this modernist love shack outside Los Angeles, be there!). Be fresh as hell if the feds watchin! Check it out.