Arcade Fire x Spike Jonze - "The Suburbs" Music Video



Arcade Fire's new music video for what we know recognize as a lyrical masterpiece, “The Suburbs," provides stark commentary on teenage life in suburbia and how it is affected during times of instability. Directed by the respected Spike Jonze (Where The Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovitch), the video follows a group of teens who wander a suburb, doing things most young people do today, like shoot b.b. guns at cars or crash their bicycles into the ground. As one romantic scene between two young lovers ends, it denotes the introduction of these camouflage wearing, ski masked men who start patrolling the suburbs with rifles. As the video ensues, the teens watch helplessly as families are forced out of their homes. Adhering to his nature, Spike Jonze crafts a world that is utterly real and nostalgic, and a narrative most fitting with “The Suburbs.”