Beach House "Lover Of Mine" (Music Video)


Beach House's undeniably beautiful and genius Teen Dream is almost upon us, being released by Sub Pop on January 26th. The album will be accompanied by a DVD that holds 10 videos for the album's 10 tracks, each one directed by a different person. Gorilla vs Bear and Sub Pop are working together and revealing one video at a time. Every day, GvsB will post a new video for a day, only to be replaced by the next video.

Today's video was "Lover of Mine", which plays on Dream's second half and it's a definite highlight of the album. The video, directed by Sean Honey, depicts suburban drug users with too much time on their hands, and too little clothes on their backs. Watch the video at Gorilla vs Bear, since it won't let me embed it here. Listen to "Love Of Mine" after the jump: