New Videos: Beach House, Selena Gomez, Death From Above

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Beach House share this new video for “Chariot”, the lead single for their upcoming B-Sides and Rarities compilation. It features strangely hypnotic projected footage of airplanes and JFK’s family. There’s even a bit of Marilyn Monroe in there. 

Selena Gomez is sly chameleon on screen and in the studio — look no further than her new “Bad Liar” video for proof. On camera, Gomez tons many wigs, including that of a gym teacher and her mother. In the studio, Gomez takes a canny Talking Heads sample and spins it into something utterly her own. At the end of the video, Gomez teases something called “Fetish”, presumably the name of her new album. 

Lastly, Death From Above (they dropped the “1979” from their name) have released a video for their recent single “Freeze Me”. It’s an absurd clip where very well-to-do bodybuilders watch the news, horrified, on a small television. Death From Above play the butlers.