REC'D: Beyonce - "Countdown"


If there’s one thing all the people of the world could likely agree upon, it’s that Beyoncé is awesome. Whether you’re into Top 40 music or your favorite band only releases their material on cassette, you have to drop everything and turn the volume all the way up when one of her songs comes on the radio – it’s basically a human reflex.

“Countdown,” the third single from her 2011 record 4, is no exception: from the Boyz 2 Men sample to the super-catchy, Kanye-aping horn blasts, Bey just keeps proving she can do no wrong.

The song’s got a video now and it continues her streak of awesome, zeitgeist-defining clips – with fast-paced cuts and simple, fun dance interludes like “Single Ladies”, vivid colors and fabulous outfits like “Run the World”. Check it out.

Beyonce - "Countdown"

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