Bill Callahan - "America!"


Long time underground folk aficionado Bill Callahan is promoting his latest record, Apocalypse, a lo-fi sounding, folk riddled record which relies mainly on his Southern baritone and riveting guitar strings. The musician has just premiered a new video for the song “America” on the popular Internet talk show, Friday Night Somewhere. The clip is all entirely animated, displaying slides of American landmarks including San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the flashing lights of Las Vegas, NASA space shuttles, and many scenes of the Old West. It than becomes more affiliated with America's contribution to war, showcasing soldiers, cowboys, waving flags, that whole shtick. Is Callahan making us contemplate our own patriotism on this lovely 4th of July or is this a nationalistic appraisal of American accomplishments? You be the judge. Watch the video here. Listen to the song below: