Blood Orange - "Chamakay" f/ Chairlift's Caroline Polachek


Dev Hynes has been busy writing and performing music with Solange, Sky Ferreira, CANT, and other artists, but he's somehow found time to put together some new stuff as Blood Orange. He's just shared a new single, "Chamakay," which will be on Blood Orange's new album, Cupid Deluxe. It features some vocals from Chairlift's Caroline Polachek, and an accompanying video directed by Kindness's Adam Bainbridge. In the video, Hynes visits Georgetown, Guyana, where his mother is from, for the first time, encountering some family members he's never met, gorgeous scenery, and plenty of opportunities to dance (and get schooled by some awesome kids). It's also a lovely, bubbly song - Polachek's background vocals are particularly sublime. Check it out.