Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" Video Starring Danny Brown, Pawn Stars, Marc Maron, others

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" is unequivocally one of the great songs released in the history of popular music, and nearly 50 years after its debut, it has its own music video! In fact, it has maybe a dozen of them. And they're played at the same time for you, it's just your job to channel surf to see all of them.

Danny Brown eating a burrito while lip syncing to "Like A Rolling Stone" is by far the great thing you'll ever see in your life, by the way. Also lip syncing for us are the Pawn Stars, Marc Maron, Drew Carrey, a weather caster, an ESPN sportscaster, a financial news reporter, kids cartoons, a romantic comedy, a vapid reality show, and a few others. Check it all out here.