Bombay Bicycle Club on #NextUp

The London quartet have come into their own.

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Bombay Bicycle Club's 2014 album, So Long, See You Tomorrow–their fourth since 2009–saw the London quartet in an exceptionally exploratory mood. The album shuffles from one style to the next, seemingly intent on covering the most sonic ground, finally finding the sweet spot somewhere in India. Their willingness to experiment with a variety sounds that played to their strengths earned the band the best reviews of their career and a Number One spot atop the UK album charts (after their two previous albums peaked within the top 10).

That praise from domestic critics and all that attention across the pond has not yet translated into the kind of commercial success for the band that, say, Vampire Weekend enjoy in America, but the stalwart Bombay Bicycle Club are proving this summer that they're worthy of being called #NextUp. After playing a formidable amount of music festivals in Europe and Asia, the band will join us stateside at Lollapalooza as studied veterans packing years worth of tried and true indie rock hits.

Watch them deliver a pitch-perfect rendition of "Feel" from So Long for #NextUp below:

Watch BBC's #NextUp interview: