Video: James Murphy's Remix of David Bowie's "Love is Lost"

Also: James Murphy makes his directorial debut!
James Murphy David Bowie Remix

As though James Murphy wasn't already busy enough in recent months producing the Arcade Fire's new record, he's somehow found time for an official remix of David Bowie's "Love is Lost," which'll figure on the deluxe edition of The Next Day. You can check out Murphy's remix now, which he's subtitled "Hello Steve Reich mix." The Reich shoutout probably has something to do with the rhythmic background clapping, because the rest of the whole deal is pure Murphy - shimmery synths, big, disco-y beats, serpentine basslines. The remix comes with a Halloween-appropriate video you can check out, too. And/or, pick up the extended version of The Next Day on November 5.

In related news, James Murphy has made his directorial debut with the short film, Little Duck. It stars Japanese actor Kaneko Nobuaki, and Murphy has described it as “a young man pulled from his life in Manhattan back to his home in rural Japan when his estranged brother runs into trouble.”

Watch it below: