Video: David Bowie - "The Next Day"

david bowie next day

David Bowie's newest video is for the title track from his excellent new record The Next Day, and though it was directed by his frequent collaborator Flora Sigismondi (she did the "Stars [Are Out Tonight]" video too), Bowie himself apparently "wrote and conceived" the concept. It's an insane enough concept that the video was banned from YouTube, but you can still check it out via Vevo: watch as an all-star cast that includes Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman checks out Bowie-as-rock & roll Christ in a speakeasy with a pretty damn bizarre clientele. Don't let the unexpected stigmata, self-flagellating monks, and some of the best music video costuming of recent memory distract you from the fact that this is an excellent song. Check it out.