New: Cee Lo Green - "Anyway"


“Anyway” is the sixth overall single and the first from the planned "Platinum" edition re-release of Cee Lo'sThe Lady Killer, an album that won’t stop bearing awesome soul-pop hits.

Maybe thanks to co-writing by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, “Anyway” is likely the poppiest single we’ve heard from the Lady Killer so far, as Cee-Lo shoves his soul influences into the background to ride a fun, clubby beat you’d probably hear in slightly different form on a Katy Perry song and lyrically extol a girl who puts up with all his shit.

It’s a fun song, but the only thing that identifies it as a Cee-Lo track is his voice, which seems a little out of its element amidst such bubblegummy instrumentals. Check out the lyric video to follow along.