Cee Lo Green - "It's OK" Music Video


Cee-Lo Green has assuredly crafted one of the most unforgettable gems of the year with “Fuck You,” and we at PMA think The Lady Killer is not half bad either. The Motown enthusiast's third LP is chock full of seductive excursions, soulful expressions, and a wide blend of influences like jazz, r&b and gospel. Though it's his first solo effort in six years, the Atlanta singer/songwriter has never swayed away from the spotlight, following up on the album's success with a new pop diamond, “It's OK.”

Customary to Cee-Lo fashion, “It's OK” is equipped with hand claps and finger snaps, displaying his dazzling range of vocal chords on a song that's fun, relatable and easy to sing along to. The music video attached to it is as colorful and radiant, showing off his insatiable prowess as a ladykiller as he attempts to choose between three gorgeous women, draped in blue, yellow and red. Cee-Lo's swagger is unparalleled here as he strolls down a neon street in a pin striped tux and bow-tie, recalling these relationships until he figures out it was the one in the red all along! The caricatures of him and these women are spot on as well.