ceo - "Illuminata"


Eric Berglund made headlines this year when he announced his solo outfit apart from the Swedish electronic outfit The Tough Alliance. Under the moniker ceo, the Swede released his own brand of electrified dream pop with his debut White Magic via Modular and Sincerely Yours. After dropping an unusual video for his first single, the buoyant summer pop anthem “Come With Me,” Berglund has released a less adventurous clip for the track “Illuminata.” Similar to the rest of White Magic, the single strives off Berglund's dreamy vocals, electro-pop rock attitude and delicate use of synths.

Directed by Marcus Soderlund, “Illuminata” follows an intense tennis match which Berglund (dressed in white) plays against himself (dressed in black). The video is shot in monochrome until (white) Berglund finds a plant pot in the middle of the road and plants it somewhere in a very scenic forest. It seems there is a significance to all this, the eruption of color and imagery after a grim, dark, tennis match where white conquers black. In a recent interview with Pitchfork, he did mention he had a love for tennis and plants. The Illuminata 7” is out now, featuring previously unreleased B-Side “Halo.”