Christopher Owens Announces New Album, Shares New Single

Plus, the album's tracklist

Former Girls frontman Christopher Owens has shared a few new songs with us recently, including "It Comes Back To You" and "Stephen," and now he's announced that his sophomore solo album, the followup to last year's Lysandre, is indeed coming out this year, on September 29th to be exact, via Turnstile. The album is called A New Testament - that shouldn't be a surprise considering the name of Girls' sophomore LP - and will feature contributions from Girls collaborators John Anderson, Darren Weiss, and Danny Eisenberg. Seems that, where Lysandre was strictly orchestrated by Owens, A New Testament will be more of a group effort. Watch the video for "Nothing More than Everything to Me" (which really sounds like a country rock song) below, and take in the album tracklist as well:

A New Testament:

01 My Troubled Heart
02 Nothing More Than Everything To Me
03 It Comes Back To You
04 Stephen
05 Oh My Love
06 Nobody’s Business
07 A Heart Akin The Wind
08 Key To My Heart
09 Over And Above Myself
10 Never Wanna See That Look Again
11 Overcoming Me
12 I Just Can’t Live Without You (But I’m Still Alive)