Clams Casino - "Natural" (Video)


We've been hearing more and more from Clams Casino, the nom de studio of hip hop/dream pop/r&b producer Mike Volpe. First it was the free instrumental mixtape he released, and than putting up his entire new EP, Rainforest, on his Soundcloud page for all to hear. The beatsmith has now released a video for “Natural,” one of the hazier, more lo-fi cuts from the record.

Listening to its spaced out textures and warped out beats, its almost hard to imagine this is the same guy that worked some (admittedly sick) backdrops for Soulja Boy. The clip uses footage from Werner Herzog's Aguirre, The Wrath Of God, and was co-produced by Volpe. Check out the video below; Rainforest drops June 27 on Tri Angle.

Clams Casino - "Natural"