Coldplay - "Christmas Lights"


A special holiday treat for Coldplay fans. The London rockers have just released a Christmas themed song and accompanying video in time for the holidays. “Christmas Lights” follows the story of a couple on Christmas Eve who have a dispute and how the strength of the season will inevitably reunite them. It seems to have one premise in mind: Christmas is a time for forgiveness, a time for young lovers to forget their quarrels. Also, the music video and lyrics will suggest the holiday is closely associated to Elvis Presley, Martin singing “Like some drunken Elvis singing I go singing out of tune” while three Elvis's slide into frame playing violins, and a bright sign above them depicts the phrase “CREDO ELVEM ETIAM VIVERE,” which is Latin for “I Believe Elvis Lives.” Musically, it's a folksy ballad evocative of that familiar Coldplay sound. You can buy "Christmas Lights" on iTunes.