Coldplay debut new song "Oceans"


Stopping by at BBC Radio 1 for an in-studio session, Coldplay shared yet another track from their highly anticipated new album, Ghost Stories. Though the album isn't out until May 19, "Oceans" is already the third track we've heard from the set, following lead single "Magic" and the Bon Iver-esque "Midnight" (and its attend remix from the legendary disco producer Giorgio Moroder).

"Oceans" is a quintessential, slow-moving Coldplay ballad (see: "The Scientist", "Fix You"). If anything in the world squarely fits in the love/hate category, it's a slow-moving Coldplay ballad. The song below will either soundtrack your tear-soaked lonely nights / Grey's Anatomy episodes, or annoy the shit out of you while you wait for your double shot iced latte at Starbucks.