Courtney Barnett Shares Animated Video for "Dead Fox"

courtney barnett dead fox

Courtney Barnett's album from earlier this spring—Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit—is filled to the brim with flawless indie rock gems like "Dead Fox". (I love "Dead Fox" and, in my opinion, it's not even Top 5 on that album. It's an 11-track LP. That's the level Ms. Barnett is operating at.) But it's "Dead Fox"'s turn to get a music video. The resultant animated clip from directors Rory Kerr and Paul Ruttledg is... funny and gross. I like it!

Here's Kerr and Ruttledg contextualizing the video:

We liked how politically loaded and conversational the lyrics are. We wanted the animation to have a stylistic and organic look, hence most of the drawings were done on paper rather than digitally. To further compliment the lyrics, we thought it would be funny to have the animals in the video look as cynical as possible, as if they’d had enough with how humans are treating them.

Watch it below: