Destroyer - "Kaputt" Music Video


“Kaputt” seems fitting as the soundtrack to your next romantic escapade, and given the seductive nature of the intro to its accompanying video, it feels Dan Bejar thinks so too. The upcoming ninth long player from the prolific songwriter is said to be more influenced by acid-jazz and soft rock than Destroyer's usual m.o.; after hearing “Chinatown” and the dreamy saxophone solos and sedated instrumentalism on “Kaputt,” that doesn't seem far off. The newly released video seems appropriate for your next drug trip, particularly if your “chasing cocaine through the backrooms of the world all night.” The video stats off with a geeky, snot nosed pre-teen surrounded by dozens of beautiful women in a steamy room, then leading to a dehydrated old man lost in the dessert who seems to be having a trip of his own, until finally focusing on a whale that flies through the sky, hoisted by a balloon. Riiiiiight. Kaputt is out January 25 via Merge.

You can still download Kaputt's first single, "Chinatown" for free here.