Video: DIIV - "Doused"


DIIV'sOshin is one of our favorite records of the year, mostly because of its standout cut "Doused," easily one of our favorite - and most replayed - tracks in recent memory. We're psyched that it's the band's new single: its driving, krauty groove and delirious interwoven guitar licks best show off exactly what they're capable of. Courtesy the band's frontman Z. Cole Smith and videographer Ian Perlman, "Doused" now has attendant visuals, and they're pretty plausible - caught up in a solitary dreamworld, Smith misses the beginning of his own show at Brooklyn venue 285 Kent and has to sprint on over as the rest of the band keeps the crowd going. Catch DIIV live if you can this fall - check this out in the meantime.