Divine Fits' awesome lyric videos for "Ain't That The Way" and "Chained To Love"

The double A-side single is out now.
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Lately we've gotten a surge of really good, funny, charming lyric videos. It's kind of hilarious how something that started as a way to learn all the lyrics to pop punk hits of the late '90s (at least, lyric videos classically function this way for us) has evolved into something that's practically indispensable for bands, and a quasi-legitimate, though sometimes really boring, part of the album release process. Thankfully, quite a few bands out there are making this more fun - Vampire Weekend, Summer Camp, Little Daylight, and now Divine Fits, whose lyric videos for their recent double A-side single "Ain't That the Way" / "Chained to Love" are totally, totally awesome. Now you can sing along with Britt Daniel while you watch some grainy '70s basketball practice footage and/or with Dan Boeckner while you watch a supercut of '50s movie couples making out! Check out both below.