Video: Dr. Dre - "Kush" f/ Snoop Dogg, Akon


Musically, I was not insanely impressed with “Kush,” when it first hit the blogosphere last week, nor was I surprised. The first single from Detox, the record Dr. Dre has been promising his swarms of fans for a decade now, houses a standard Dre beat, standard Dre contributors (Snoop Dogg and his cohort Akon) and ample references to, you said it, kush. While the video follows a familiar formula as well (hot girls, expensive cars, private jets, the signature Snoop exhale, Dre walking in slow motion, as poise and nonchalant as possible), it's also very innovative and probably the most expensive video of 2010, quite visually appealing. It focuses on an entire elite world that is stuck in freeze frame, only Dre, Snoop and Akon have the ability to maneuver around it.

Detox is set to come out next year, FINALLY!