Ellie Goulding's full Lollapalooza set

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Ellie Goulding had a considerably bigger crowd at this year's Lollapalooza than she did at the 2011 edition, before "Lights" became a smash radio hit, but she successfully proved to the crowd that she's got more than that track in her arsenal - check out video of her powerhouse hour-long set, backed by a hyper-energetic band, with plenty of percussive intensity. Listening to the crowd sing along with Ellie during "Your Song" is utterly amazing. Check it out.


1. Don't Say a Word
2. Animal
3. Starry Eyed
4. Burn
5. Figure 8
6. Explosions
7. Your Song
8. My Blood
9. Only You
10. Under The Sheets
11. Anything Could Happen
12. I Need Your Love
13. Lights