Et Cetera: Kanye West Meets Beethoven, Car Seat Headrest Meets Radiohead

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70-Piece Orchestra Performed Yeezus and Beethoven Cuts for “Yeethoven” Concert


Over the weekend, the Young Musicians Foundation hosted their “Beethoven” concert, which saw a 70-piece orchestra pair six Yeezus pieces with six from Beethoven. The concert, a part of their Great Music Series, argues that today’s great music creators actually share a lot in common with the classic music masters. Gimmicky? Sure. Dumb? Maybe. Kind of awesome to watch? Oh, yeah. 

Check out videos of the orchestra performing “Blood on the Leaves” and “New Slaves” (with elements of “Overture to Egmond, op. 84”:

Car Seat Headrest Covers Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song”

car seat headrest.jpg

Car Seat Headrest, aka Will Toledo, shares this ear-splitting acoustic cover of a Radiohead classic. You can listen below, via Toledo’s Tumblr

Car Seat Headrest’s upcoming album, Teens of Denial, is out May 20. There are three singles so far: “Vincent”, “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales”, and the great “Fill in the Blank”.