Video: Fiona Apple - Every Single Night - Pretty Much Amazing

Video: Fiona Apple - Every Single Night

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Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple'sThe Idler Wheel... is out June 19th. And because trying to explicate giant slimy creatures in Paris and upside-down swimming is too hard on a Sunday...

Luis Tovar
Have you seen the "Every Single Night" video?
Peter Tabakis
Yea it's great
Luis Tovar
She looks like Vera Farmiga
Peter Tabakis
oh good call!
I want a squid hat
Luis Tovar
Poor Fiona. She's so disturbed.
Peter Tabakis
I love it. She's an oddball
Luis Tovar
Zooey Deschanel is an oddball
Fiona Apple is a lunatic