Florence + The Machine & Fiona Apple Cover Buddy Holly


You've probably noticed that we are thoroughly keeping up to speed with the forthcoming Buddy Holly tribute album, Rave On Buddy Holly, featuring covers from Julian Cassablancas, Modest Mouse and My Morning Jacket so far. Two more cuts from the record have just surfaced, a video of Florence + The Machine's rendition of “Not Fade Away” and Fiona Apple (yes, apparently she's still around) and John Brion's cover of “Everyday.”

Florence sings in a rigorously passionate demeanor, implementing a whole brass section, tons of jazzy influences, some noisy guitar riffs, transforming “Not Fade Away” till its pretty much unrecognizable from the Buddy Holly original.

Florence + The Machine - "Not Fade Away"

Apple and Brion's rendition, however, maintains the same fun-spirited themes intact, whilst adding xylophones and making it into a duet. Check them both out below; Rave On Buddy Holly is out June 28th via Fantasy.

Fiona Apple & John Brion - "Everyday"