Video: Flume, Autre Ne Veut & Ghostface Killah - "Space Cadet"

Flume Deluxe Edition

Months ago we heard the unlikely, too-short collaboration of Autre Ne Veut and Ghostface Killah atop Flume's "Space Cadet," and now that track's got an appropriately psychedelic animated video. Courtesy James Dirschberger (who you might know from Bob's Burgers and Forest City Rockers) and Jay Howell, the clip stars a cheerful three-headed guy as Autre Ne Veut, a dude with blonde hair, a boombox, and an apparently living hat as Flume, and Ghostface as a guy in a Santa suit and gold chain who orchestrates the sonic explosion of a giant ziggurat to the joy of some watching fans. In short, it's amazing. Check it out.