Video: Giorgio Moroder x Kylie Minogue, "Right Here, Right Now"

Giorgio Moroder

Disco legend Giorgio Moroder is making good use of the heaps of good will Daft Punk created for him in savvy young listeners. Later this spring he will release his first album in over 30 years. The album will feature a bunch of big names (Britney, Kylie, Charli) who undoubtedly owe much of their career to the innovator. Though she's not yet confirmed, Moroder also hopes to convince Lady Gaga to appear on the LP. The Guardianreports that Moroder is working on "five or six" songs for Gaga's new album, and hopes to put one of the tracks from their sessions together on his album.

If you're anything like us, you're probably thrilled and a little scared at the thought of Moroder and Gaga making music together. If this single with Kylie Minogue is anything to go by, there's really nothing to worry about.

Check out the new video below: