Video: Wye Oak, "Glory"

Watch a very strange video from Wye Oak.
Wye Oak

Baltimore duo Wye Oak released their fourth studio album, Shriek, a few days ago, where they ditch guitar strings for glorious electronic synths. Per our review, Shriek "is filled to the brim with surprise," shedding interesting new light on their new direction. Essentially, what this means, is that the album is somewhat stranger than their previous efforts. It should be no surprise then, that their video for "Glory" follows a similar premise.

Directed by Michael Patrick O’Leary and Ashley North Compton, 'Glory' is laced with blonde girls in pink tops and gold shoes, chainsmoking cigarettes and eating ice cream cones while their hair blows in the wind. They eventually trade in the ice cream for gold beads, before dipping their heads into flowerpots. Like the song itself, 'Glory' is brimming with imagery and has the tendency to make you feel somewhat uncomfortable, which I feel is the point. That, and the theme of conformity vs. solidarity. I'm pretty sure none of the blondes in the video crack a smile even once.