Gorillaz - "Doncamatic" f/ Daley (Music Video)



The new Gorillaz track has an entirely different feel than that conveyed on Plastic Beach, which is probably why it doesn't appear on the album. “Doncamatic”, with rising Manchester soul singer Daley, is a look on how radio and mainstream can destroy the originality of music. “This song is not the same when we're all played out, all played out.” The synth pop ambiance, topped with Daley's sensuous vocals, maintained by that familiar Gorillaz hip hop backdrop, showcases Damon Albarn's prowess as a multi-talented producer. The newly released video follows Daley as he navigates a disco -like submarine til he reaches his destination, the Plastic Beach. 2D makes a quick cameo, but otherwise it focuses entirely on Daley. "Doncamatic," the single, is set to come out November 22. Don't forget to download Joker's excellent dubstep remix of "Doncamatic".