Gorillaz share multimedia story "The Book of Noodle"

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After using social media to create a timeline of what they‘ve done so far, Gorillaz have shared the next chapter in their career—a multimedia story called “The Book of Noodle”, a ten “page” tale that follows the band’s cartoon guitarist Noodle in days after “the attack on Plastic Beach.” The story is told through text and animated video— and maybe soon, music? It’s hard to imagine Gorillaz dropping this story on our laps out of nowhere without a new album around the corner. In fact, footage of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett hitting the studio together has been swirling around the ’net for months, and frequent Gorillaz collaborators Snoop Dogg and De La Soul have confirmed their involvement in the new record. For now, though, Gorillaz are keeping mum on announcing a new album.

Check out “The Book of Noodle” below.