Grimes - "Genesis" ( Session)


It should be no surprise to you that we can’t get enough of Grimes’ crazy flawless “Genesis,” the second single from her upcoming debut-ish record Visions, so we’re psyched as all hell that the fantastic posted a high-quality video of Claire Boucher herself performing the song in San Francisco in May, while on tour with Lykke Li.

This version’s a bit different than the one you’re used to – it was, after all, shot before she’d finished recording Visions – but those added vocal interludes are sublime (especially at the end, where she taps into a bizarre and fascinating looped, droning lullaby), and it’s always a treat to watch Claire build her sample-heavy music live. Do you have a countdown calendar set in your smartphone for Visions yet? It’s out February 21 in the US.

GRIMES – "Genesis" ( Session)

Here's the original: