Video: Grizzly Bear - "gun-shy"


Grizzly Bear have just released the Kris Moyes-directed video for Shields highlight "gun-shy" on their Tumblr. As you might remember from the last Kris Moyes video we shared (for Kirin J Callinan's "WIIW," one of our favorite tracks and videos of 2012), dude's fond of piling .gif after .gif into a coherent, creepy narrative - here, Grizzly Bear pull out strands of each other's hair, shave off bits of skin, remove their fingernails, cry into buckets, extract their blood, perform acupuncture, etc., all in Moyes' trademark .gifs. You might not want to watch if blood makes you uncomfortable, but otherwise we heartily encourage pressing play. If you watch it on Grizzly Bear's Tumblr, you can check out what Moyes has to say about it too.