Hot Chip Debut "How Do You Do" & "Don't Deny Your Heart"


On Friday Hot Chip stopped by Jools Holland's famous late night show to debut two new songs off their upcoming album, In Our Heads. The first track they played, "How Do You Do," already sounds like a Hot Chip classic. It's sprightly and clever, it's disco influences brilliant and undeniable, like a lost Talking Heads demo. We can't get enough of Alex Taylor's seesaw swirl of a hook; "how do you do, how do you do, that thing you do, that thing you do."

Before even hitting the play button, you can safely assume that a song called "Don't Deny Your Heart" borrows liberally from 80s cheese pop era, disco's often unfortunate residue. That shouldn't be a cause for alarm though. As they're wont to do, Hot Chip expertly bob and weave and meander about and make an exhilarating jam session out of this foray into corny 80s dance pop.

Watch both performances below:

Hot Chip - "How Do You Do"

Hot Chip - "Don't Deny Your Heart"