How To Dress Well - "Suicide Dream 1" & "Suicide Dream 2"


Before How To Dress Well, the notion of refurbishing r&b as a grainy, lo-fi concept didn't even exist. Now, after receiving praise and affection from critics and fans alike, deconstructionist Tom Krell has re-released his debut Love Remains via Tri Angle. Krell has also just put out two videos with the help of HTDW collaborator James Harley (who also directed Twin Shadow's “Castles In The Snow”) for “Suicide Dream 1” and “Suicide Dream 2.”

The first follows a reverse video of a glowing figure jumping into a body of water, the second showcasing an utterly depressed woman who seems ready to start crying at any moment. Both videos are hazy, absorbed in melancholy, and as indistinguishably blurry as the songs that play during them.