HudMo debuts Yeezus' "Bound 1" f. Tyler The Creator


For those of you who continue to bump Kanye West'sYeezus closer "Bound 2" and wonder, where the hell is "Bound 1" - we have good news for you. Last night, Hudson Mohawke, one of the album's producers, premiered the track at a show in Leeds. Some fans out there are speculating that the song, which has different lyrics and a dialed-down backbeat, was Kanye's first demo of the track before Rick Rubin lent his more avant-garde assistance. And, there's no "uh huh, honey." Whatever its source, it's a cool listen - check it out.

UPDATE: Apparently the version HudMo premiered over the weekend features Tyler The Creator.

And the version that made it to Yeezus: