Hudson Mohawke’s releasing his new album, Lantern, on June 16 via Warp. That’s creeping up on us soon so he’s released a video for first single “Very First Breath”. 

The video has a curious early-Wong Kar-wai feel to it. It follows two characters who have an inaudible conversation that leads to their meeting. The clip was directed by Sam de Jong

Watch it below:

 To add some context, here is a statement from HudMo explaining the personal and artistic significance he ascribes to the song:

“Very First Breath” was something fresh for me. I’d been touring on the same circuit for a couple of years with Irfane and I had been so busy on TNGHT stuff I was itching to work on more song structured record... The album flows through the passage of the day and in my head, I see this song as the very beginning of the record. The sun just coming up. It was important this was the first track people hear.

It's a hell of a sunrise. I wonder where “Ryderz”—the glorious track he shared a few weeks back, but oddly has not released on any official channels—fits in his vision for Lanterns.