James Blake - "The Wilhelm Scream"


Out of all the music James Blake came out with last year that made his forthcoming album the most anticipated debut of 2011, only two of the tracks actually feature comprehensible vocals: his cover of Feist's “Limit To Your Love,” also the album's first single, and “I Never Learnt To Share,” which will also appear on his self-titled first effort for Atlas. Though the rest of the LP may not entirely follow a similar aesthetic — previously leaked “I Mind” consists of chopped up vocal fragments — his second single “The Wilhelm Scream” showcases Blake's soulful falsetto, singing "I don't know about my dreamin anymore. All that I know is I'm fallin, fallin, fallin."

The song is indicative of why Blake has become such a phenomenon over these last 12 months: his ability to eternalize soulful r&b over cold, calculated electronica, a seemingly impossible task before he dropped Bells Sketch. The high resolution video for “The Wilhelm Scream” acts as a bit of a teaser, showing hints of Blake's face for only a moment, than becoming blurry and fuzzy, over and over, working in unison with the hazy ballad, accentuated by Blake's dreamy vocals. Quite fitting.

James Blake comes out on February 8. Listen to an 11 minute album sampler here.