Jamie Woon - "Someone Like You" (Adele Cover)


What is it, cover Adele week? First we have John Legend's a cappella rendition of “Rolling In The Deep” and now up and coming U.K. soul singer Jamie Woon has covered Adele's other smith hit, “Someone Like You.”

As the original consists only of Adele's powerful vocals and piano accompaniment, Woon's consists of his and an acoustic guitar. It's certainly more subtle, and less dynamic than Adele's version, but Woon pulls it off nicely. The singer premiered the cover on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, where he also played lead single “Lady Luck” from his forthcoming debut, Mirrorwriting. Check out the song below; Mirrorwriting comes out April 18th.

And here is Jamie Woon's excellent single, "Lady Luck":