jj - "Money On My Mind" Music Video


When The xx first came out with their stellar debut album in 2009, it slightly irritated me that they did not add vocals or elaborate on the dope melodies that make up “Intro,” the most heavy hitting track on the record. Then, last November, fellow dream pop double consonant band jj used the beat for “I'm The One/Money On My Mind,” Elin Kastlander's subtle vocals an absolute perfect fit, giving “Intro” a whole new meaning.

The duo of her and Joakim Benon have just released a video for the song (or is it an ad campaign for Marlboro Cigarettes?), capturing seductive model Stefanie Antonia Maria as she waits in her bedroom and by the window, shot by photographer Andrés Leroi. It's got a very European ambience to it, and will probably have you craving a smoke by the end.

MP3: jj - I'm The One / Money On My Mind