Joanna Newsom debuts stunning new song

Hopefully this means we can expect a new album in the coming months.
Joanna Newsom

The promise of a set from a Dolce clad Joanna Newsom was one of the biggest reasons I wished I could go to Pitchfork Festival this year. If it wasn't in the cards for you, either, don't despair too much - you can watch pretty high-quality fan video of a brand new song, and some other unreleased songs she's performed live before, too, "The Diver's Wife" and "Look and Despair." The untitled track, which Joanna performs, on the harp, is particularly lovely - it feels so delicate, until she goes for these long, breathless, furious vocal runs, after which the crowd understandably freaks out. Hopefully this means a new record from Joanna in the coming months - we'll keep you posted.

[Untitled New Song]

"The Diver's Wife"

"Look and Despair"