Dr. Kanye West’s performance of “All Day” and “Black Skinhead” at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards, in which he refused to self-censor and remained shrouded in dense smoke the entire time, was described as a “giant FU to the general conventions of awards shows” by Billboard editor Bill Werde. 

Kanye’s no stranger at giving award shows the finger, and while this definitely is not the first time Kanye’s pushed the idea of what a TV music performance should look like, last night’s performance verged on protest. Protest of what exactly—of TV censorship? Of uninspired pop star performances? Of award shows, in general?—only Kanye knows. 

Or maybe Kanye just wanted to give everyone a taste of what his live show is like. Shocker: It's not FCC-friendly. 

Here is what the performance looked like on TV: